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Sleep Easy Glasses

Rated 19 reviews

Sleep Easy Glasses

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Why do I need Sleep Easy Glasses?

Our Sleep Easy Glasses have been designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays emitted from smartphones, laptops and tablets. The 'blue-light' from these devices leads to sleeping troubles, dry eyes and headaches.

What is blue light?

Blue light is classified as light wavelengths between 380-500nm and is present everywhere from our smartphones and devices to led bulbs. While blue light is a natural phenomenon, modern life is saturated with it and overexposure can lead to some damaging side effects.


Common Blue Light Symptoms

Sleep Cycle DisruptionOur body regulates our sleep cycle by releasing melatonin from the pineal gland at night. Using screens and devices late into the evening without adequate protection blocks the release of melatonin, leading to over-stimulation of the brain, difficulty sleeping and tiredness throughout the day.

A 2017 study done by the University of Houston found that participants wearing blue light glasses showed about a 58% increase in their nighttime melatonin levels.

“By using blue blocking glasses we can improve sleep and still continue to use our devices. That’s nice, because we can still be productive at night.” Lisa Ostrin, PhD.

Digital Eye StrainToo much time on screens can lead to dry eyes, soreness, blurry vision, and a sense of tearing or watery eyes. This is most commonly as a result of using a computer screen with a lack of breaks, and naturally blinking less while using devices (rather than blue light exposure).

However anecdotally, blue light glasses wearers report more relaxed eyes at the end of the day.


Tension Headaches

Ever had that feeling after working on the screen all day, where your head is pounding and feeling ripe to burst? This is a common side effect of too much screen time and while not directly caused by blue light exposure, customers around the world report significant reductions in tension headaches after wearing their glasses.

“I use them so often that I have a pair of blue light glasses around my neck all day,” he says. “I’m not an optometrist. I just know that my eyes don’t get as tired at the end of the day. My frequency of headaches has gone down. I’m able to focus on things easier on a screen.” Michael Clarke, San Diego

How do blue light glasses work?



The Sleep Easy Evening glasses are scientifically designed by optometrists to block 94.33% of all luminous transmittance (Tv) and 83.93% of the full blue light spectrum Tsb (380-500nm). 

This means when you sit down to work at the desk, or check social media in the evening, the vast majority of blue light wavelengths will be caught by your evening glasses - keeping your eyes safe from potentially harmful blue light exposure. 

As a result of wearing their Evening Glasses, customers report:

More time asleep 

Less time spent restless

Which pair should I go for? Cool or Classic? 

It depends on the shape of your head. Usually, for people with more round heads, we would recommend the 'cool' style as they are broader and fit the contours of a rounder face. More angular or square faced people will usually get a better fit with the 'classic' style.

men glasses face shape


The American Academy of Ophthalmology also recommends taking these steps:


  • Adjust your seat, or the position of your computer, so your eyes are about 25 inches from the screen. Position the screen so you’re gazing slightly downward.
  • Use a matte screen filter on the screen to reduce glare.
  • Use artificial tears when your eyes feel dry.
  • Pay attention to the lighting in the room where you work. You might try increasing your screen contrast.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I use this pillow?

    Most people will get the best results sleeping on their back or side, with the EasySleeper alone - not with any other pillow on top or underneath. If on your back, your head should be placed into the concave dip, while if you sleep on your side, you should use the lateral raises and place your shoulder in the space underneath the pillow.

  • What materials are used in this pillow?

    There are no additional chemicals such as fire retardants embedded into our materials. We try to keep it as natural as possible, so have only used memory foam, polyester and cotton. The zip is made from recyclable plastic.

  • What are the pillow dimensions?

    The standard pillow dimensions are 60 x 34 x 11 x 7 cm.

  • Does it really work for neck, shoulder and back pain?

    Our EasySleeper Pillow will help to align your spine and rest the muscles in your head, neck and back. Customers report experiencing relief for neck pain in particular, but also shoulder pain and pain between the shoulder blades.

  • Does it help for arm numbness?

    Yes! The contoured shape supports your neck and some of your bodyweight, leaving additional space for your shoulder under the pillow which helps reduce arm numbness during the night.

  • Will it help me keep my position while I sleep?

    The contour shape should indeed help you to remain in position and prevent tossing and turning. You should find you move less throughout the night as a result of sleeping on the EasySleeper.

  • Does the cover have a zipper? Is it washable?

    Yes, it has a full length zipper. The cover is soft and easily washable in the machine. Do not wash the pillow itself as this can damage the foam.

  • Can I buy a pillow case for this pillow?

    The pillow comes with a removable cover for hygiene purposes. You can also add an extra with your order if you’d like one to wash!

  • Does this pillow have a chemical smell?

    You should not notice any chemical smell when opening the pillow. If you do, please leave it out to air and it will disappear within a couple of hours.

  • Does this pillow damage the environment, or animals?

    Protection of wildlife and the environment is one of our core beliefs as a brand. We are proud to say that this pillow is cruelty free, vegan and recyclable.

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Lena H.
I recommend this product

Nice, comfortable, stylish with high quality frames. Great purchase - thanks Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Vera A.
I recommend this product

Pleased with these. They came quite fast and I've been wearing them in the evening while watching Netflix. Definitely noticed my eyes are less stimulated at night now.

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product

I went for the 'classic' style because I thought they'd fit my head properly. Really pleased with the result! Stylish - I'd wear them even if it didn't help with screens (which they seem to do!)

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product


Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Linda T.
I recommend this product

Bought two pairs, one for me and one for my husband, they came well packaged and seem to be good quality. Thanks

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Carla A.
I recommend this product
5 star purchase

Really pleased with this purchase. I've definitely noticed I'm more relaxed in the evenings now, it's almost like when I put these on my body realises I need to head to bed soon, so I'm spending less time on my screens as a result and sleeping much better. Total win

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Carlo V.
I recommend this product
Great for gaming or watching tv

Very good product, if I'm spending a long time in front of the computer for work or gaming, or watching tv. They help me to relax. Quality material, fit is good. Recommended

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Alan K.
I recommend this product
Fit my big head

Happy with these. Good quality glasses for the price. On my big head (61 cm in the girth) sat quite well. I was worried that they would be small. I'm happy with the purchase.

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Armitage D.
I recommend this product

Article of good quality and really very pretty! They are comfortable to wear and practical!

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product
Arrived quickly, definitely helped me

These arrived fast and do exactly what they say in the advertisement. I'm sleeping better now and I've noticed my headaches have been reduced significantly

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Mario F.
I recommend this product

I'm a gamer for life and could never get away from my screens; these help me to put in the hours I want to and still sleep well afterwards

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Edwin A.
I recommend this product
Nice for watching TV

Have been using these in the evening to wind down while watching TV. I feel more relaxed. Not sure if it's just placebo but it works well

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Karen S.
I recommend this product
Good quality, reduces eye strain

Very good glasses. They look strong. No scratches, blue tint on the glasses. I haven't sat at the computer yet. Quite a drop increase, almost imperceptibly, the eyes do not strain. Beautiful.

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product

It came for a very long time, but the goods are in excellent condition, thanks to the seller. Packed was excellent, I think everything is in excellent condition. Thank you again

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
Sleep Easy

We think he looks cool too Maria! We do referrals, absolutely. Just check out to sign up to our loyalty programme.

I recommend this product

Points, quite not bad, as in the work I do not know yet, the order was issued on November 30, sent in my opinion in a couple of days, that's just come, I.E. About two months, dolnoooo. Packing, of course not the best, but got safe

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product

Glasses excellent quality! Had no trace, but arrived with little more than a month to Fortress. AND had asked the end of year, it has much demand.

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product

Vision is ok, glass is clear, blocks the blue light properly, seller send goods very well packaged and came with no damage.

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product

Great product, loved the glasses and yet arrived early

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses ReviewSleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review
I recommend this product

All norms, liked

Sleep Easy Sleep Easy Glasses Review