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EasySleeper™ Ultra-Soft Protector

4.9/5.028 reviews

The EasySleeper™ Ultra-Soft Pillow Protector is the perfect companion for your EasySleeper. Soft, comfortable and tailored to meet the ergonomic shape. Grab a spare for when your extra is in the wash - just add it in with your usual whites load.


The Perfect Companion For Your EasySleeper

Our famous white scuba EasySleeper protector is designed to meet the unique shape of your pillow. You'll receive one as standard with your EasySleeper, but customers often find it useful to pick up another for when it's in the wash.

  • Materials

    The EasySleeper white scuba protector is made from a cotton and polyester blend.

  • Washing instructions

    Just wash your easycare protector in with your whites as standard. No-worry-washing!

Rated 4.9

  • Joyce K.
    Verified buyer

    Great purchase

    My neck pain is gone, and it’s very comfortable to sleep on.

  • Pam C.
    Verified buyer

    It works!

    Eliminates the fluffing and repositioning of pillows - good support for the neck. Quiet for the ears.

  • Unbelievable r.
    Verified buyer

    Great pillow


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