The Ultimate EasySleeper™ Bundle

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The perfect accompaniments to go with your EasySleeper, at a 25% discount!


1 x Original EasySleeper Pillow

1 x Spare UltraSoft Protector

2 x Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

    The Last Pillow You'll Ever Need

    "I have to say, I was very sceptical about buying yet another pillow. But this one works!!! I have already experienced a marked reduction in shoulder and neck pain since I started sleeping on the EasySleeper pillow."

    Janet C.

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    Product information

    • Delivery

      Shipping within US usually takes 2-4 working days.

    • Material

      The EasySleeper is created using bamboo charcoal infused memory foam, with a cotton/polyester lining & outer cover, and a recyclable plastic zipper. It's fully OEKO-TEK Certified and contains absolutely no extra chemicals like fire retardants.

    • Warranty

      If you aren't 100% happy with your pillow, we are proud to offer a full refund policy. No tricky small prints, no hidden costs.

      Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

    • Product care

      The cover is soft and easily washable in the machine. Do not wash the pillow itself as this can damage the foam.

    • Customer support

      We are here to help! Please reach out to us on live chat or by email via!

    • Dimensions & Weight

      The EasySleeper dimensions are 60 x 34 x 11 x 7 cm, and it weighs around 1kg.

    Why do I need this?

    As sufferers of neck pain, we got tired of throwing out pillows that didn't help, and in some instances made our neck pain even worse... If you're anything like us suffering from neck stiffness or pain, shoulder pain or tension headaches, then this pillow is made for you.

    How does it work?

    The EasySleeper™ memory foam pillow eliminates neck and upper back pain and stiffness by correcting your sleeping posture while you sleep.

    • It supports your head and neck, reducing stiffness and tension overnight.

    • It promotes neutral spine alignment, improving posture and counteracting the effects of slouching.

    • It works most effectively when back and side sleeping for all ages 13 and over.

    The EasySleeper works equally well for side and back sleepers.

    Introducing 100% Mulberry 22 Momme Silk

    We searched far and wide for the finest silk we could find to produce our premium mulberry pillowcase. Silk is a material that has been used through the ages as a sign of wealth and prosperity, favored for its softness and beneficial properties for the hair and skin. It’s an ideal partner for your EasySleeper in the winter as it doesn’t get as cold as cotton, but it also regulates your temperature so you are unlikely to wake up in sweats. This pillow case is custom designed to meet the unusual contours of the EasySleeper pillow. This means you can say goodbye to loose fitting cotton pillow cases and enjoy a neat, tailored fit.

    What our customers say

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    Jane, 37

    Grace, 29

    Kylie, 28

    What's under the cover:

    1. Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

      Germ resistant, odour eliminating and soft rebound. The bamboo charcoal memory foam inner ensures your sleep remains germ-free. It moulds to the unique shape of your head and neck.

    2. Thermogenic protective inner

      Designed to regulate your sleep temperature ensuring your head stays cool at night. Ensures memory foam longevity and prevents dust from eroding the foam.

    3. Scuba Pillow Protector

      Soft and elegant. The outer-layer scuba pillow protector not only protects your pillow from stains. It’s soft to the cheek whilst retaining minimalist contemporary design.

    The EasySleeper: Good for you and good for the world.

    Cruelty free


    • I’m not convinced. So many pillows are advertised as “the ultimate pillow”. How can I know yours is really the right one for me?

      That’s a valid worry!

      You want to make a smart purchase.Please take your time to read through our 1000+ customer reviews to ensure you are confident that our pillow is going to be right for you.

      And we can also promise that if it isn’t what you expected, you have our “30 nights free” guarantee.

    • What’s this pillow made of?

      Charcoal infused memory foam inner + cotton/polyester lining & pillowcase + recyclable plastic zipper. Absolutely no extra chemicals like fire retardants.

    • I’m so accustomed to sleeping with multiple soft, fluffy pillows. Will this pillow feel comfortable to me?

      Your pillow’s job is to help create the best sleep environment for your body. Soft pillows feel pleasant when you sink into bed, but they don’t provide proper support. And you feel that in the morning.

      Your EasySleeper might feel unusual when you first use it. It’s a change. But once you experience a few nights in the firm, gentle embrace of your EasySleeper, you’ll never be able to go back to the old way.

      (To ease the transition, you might want to use your EasySleeper for just a few hours each night in the beginning. This way your body can slowly get used to the new way of sleeping.)

    • How should I use this pillow for best results?

      The EasySleeper should be used alone - without any other pillow below or above it.

      • Back sleepers -place your head onto the concave dip
      • Side sleepers - turn the pillow so the dip is facing downwards. Put your shoulder in the space underneath the pillow.
    • What’s the size of the pillow?

      60 x 34 x 11 x 7 cm.

    • Will this really relieve my neck, shoulder and back pain?

      Anything that strains your upper body muscles will cause pain, or make pain worse. That’s what happens with most pillows. Because they’re soft, your muscles need to work all night to support your body and they can never fully relax.

      The EasySleeper removes this strain by providing full support to your head, neck and back. Thousands of our customers have experienced relief for neck pain, shoulder pain, and pain between the shoulder blades.

    • Does it help for arm numbness or tingling?


      Arm numbness/tingling is a result of pressure placed on your arm as a side sleeper. The contoured shape of the EasySleeper supports your body weight and leaves space for your shoulder under the pillow, preventing that build up of pressure.

    • I toss and turn all night. Will this pillow work for me?

      It will - in fact, the pillow will reduce how much you move at night.

      • The contoured dip holds your neck in place
      • Since your body is well-supported, and your spine straight, you won’t feel the need to keep moving to find a more comfortable spot.
    • Does the cover have a zipper? Is it washable?

      The EasySleeper’s cover has a high-quality zipper that opens easily. The cover comes out of the wash looking fresh and new. (Do not wash the actual pillow, as this can damage the foam.)

    • Is this pillow harmful for animals or the environment?

      SleepEasy is about improving health and wellbeing through the power of sleep. Anything that’s bad for animals or the environment is bad for our wellbeing. That’s why the materials we use are vegan, cruelty free, and recyclable. We stand 100% against all forms of cruelty to animals and strive to create a zero carbon supply chain.

    • Can I order a pillow case?

      Your EasySleeper comes with a removable case/cover. We’d recommend you grab a spare. And you can also treat yourself to one of our additional insanely comfortable pillow cases.

    1 x EasySleeper 1 x Spare UltraSoft Protector 2 x Mulberry Silk cases